Marashli Shoes

“Every human deserves to wear a stylish and well-made pair of shoes with affordable prices”

The founder of Marashli shoes Mustafa Kara was born in the village of Oglakkaya in the city of Marash-Turkey . Because his village had poor religious relations with their nation, they were last to receive any support and left those individuals to go to great lengths to survive. Due to his village’s poor financial stability, his father would have to work 12 hours away in the nearest main city to make ends meet. They had little extra for something as “luxurious” as shoes. Sadly, Mustafa never owned more than one pair of shoes at a time throughout his childhood. It was his dream to one day never have to worry about this problem again.

At the age of 20, he was hired to work for a cruise line. During his two decades of working on the ships he travelled the world and climbed up all the way up to Food and Beverage position, always purchasing shoes from many different countries, his style always was noticed and has inspired many people around him.

At some point he had 15 to 20 pairs of shoes and slowly this became his hobby and recently after moving to California decided to build his own brand to expand on his childhood dream and to be able to support kids around the world by donating shoes to those who are in need.